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Arizona Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form

Arizona Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form – Version 2

A landlord / landlord’s agent / leasing agent / property manager requires preparing Arizona Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form and handing over the same to a tenant for any property built on or prior to the year 1978. This disclosure and the EPA pamphlet offer information about hazards upon the

Arizona Month to Month Agreement

Arizona Month to Month Agreement

Arizona Month to Month Agreement is a legal instrument in line with the requirements per Arizona State law for leasing a residential property. Such agreement is suitable during following types of accommodation requirements Duration of accommodation is undetermined The tenant earns landlord’s confidence after completing the existing lease term successfully

Arizona Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form

Arizona Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form

Residential properties of all sorts, constructed before the year 1978 may contain lead based paint. Any renovation work in such dwellings may result in severe exposure to lead particles and chips causing various health hazards. Therefore, it is mandatory by EPA Section 1018 Disclosure Rule for a landlord or a

Arizona Commercial Lease Agreement

Arizona Commercial Lease Agreement

Arizona State Legislature Title 33 and Chapter 3 contains directives for the Arizona Commercial Lease Agreement. This contract is suitable for leasing a commercial property like office, industrial space, or retail outlet. However, please use this instrument for single-tenant lease. You require procuring a separate lease contract for entering into

Alabama Commercial Lease Agreement

Alabama Commercial Lease Agreement

Alabama Commercial Lease Agreement is a legal contract between a landlord of a commercial property and a tenant. The lease agreement is legally binding on both signing parties. Preparing this legal instrument in its entirety is simple, provided both parties prepare it together. Notarization of signatures on the document is

Arizona Sublease Agreement

Arizona Sublease Agreement

Arizona Sublease Agreement is an instrument suitable for an existing tenant to share the accommodation or part thereof with a subtenant with due permission from the original landlord. Such sublease agreements are popular in urban areas near a university. These transactions are in line with the Landlord Tenant Act and

Required Disclosures and Addendums

Landlord and Tenant Act

The federal law, (§ 33-1322(B)), requires the landlord to provide the tenant with a copy of the landlord and tenant Act. They can also notify the tenants in writing that the copy can also be found on the Arizona Department of Housing’s website.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

Disclosure information regarding the hazards of lead-based paint should be provided to the tenants as required by (42 U.S. Code § 4852d). This disclosure is applicable for all units built before 1978.

Proprietor Information Disclosure

The (§ 33-1322(A)) requires any authorized person agreeing with the tenant to provide their details in the lease agreement. Such include the names, addresses, and contact numbers. Proprietors may be the landlord, property manager, or agents acting on behalf of the landlord.

Beg Bug Disclosure

The landlord is required to inform the tenants of the current status of bed bug control on the premises. They should also offer them educational materials with information on pests and how to avoid infestation according to (§ 33-1319).

Move-In Checklist Disclosure

An itemized list of the damages and defects in the premises should be noted before moving in according to (§ 33-1321(C)).  This is done to protect the tenants from incurring costs for damages they did not cause.

Marijuana Use Disclosure

The (§ 36-2813) prohibits a landlord from refusing to let tenants based on that they use marijuana for medical purposes.

Shared Utility Disclosure

The landlord is expected to provide a list of utilities that are billed individually and those that are shared according to (§ 33-1314.01).

Rent Increase Due to Taxes Disclosure

According to (§33-1314(E)), a landlord may be required to increase rent to cover high tax rates if a local ruling adjusts tax percentages on residential rent transactions.

Non-Refundable Fees Disclosure

The landlord must indicate all the non-refundable fees before the tenancy according to (§ 33-1321(B)).

Arizona Security Deposit Law

The landlords in Arizona can ask for a maximum of one and a half months’ rent as a deposit according to (§ 33-1321(A)).

The tenants are required to return the deposit within 14 days after the tenant vacates the premises according to (§ 33-1321(D)).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a tenant legally break a lease in Arizona?

Yes.  If the rental unit is considered unsafe or the tenant is a victim of domestic violence, they are allowed to break the lease.

Can a landlord enter a tenant’s premises?

Yes. The landlord is allowed to enter a tenant’s premises in Arizona. However, they should provide a two-day notice before entry.

Are rental agreements notarized in Arizona?

No. Lease agreements in California are legally binding once both parties sign the agreement. The law does not require them to be notarized.

Are there late fees in Arizona?

There is no statute on late fees in Arizona for residential units. The manufactured homes are however capped at $5 per day. The late fees should be indicated in the agreement before the tenancy begins.