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Arizona Month to Month Agreement

Arizona Month to Month Agreement is a legal instrument in line with the requirements per Arizona State law for leasing a residential property. Such agreement is suitable during following types of accommodation requirements

  • Duration of accommodation is undetermined
  • The tenant earns landlord’s confidence after completing the existing lease term successfully and continue to stay

However, a landlord must seek a rental application form from a new tenant to evaluate credentials. In addition, such lease agreement is revocable with a thirty-day notice. Such arrangement conveys that the landlord receives rent month after month as long as no party sends a lease termination notice to the other party. Please understand that this lease agreement does not permit a tenant to sublease the property or part thereof.

Important Considerations

  1. Commercial activities are not allowed on the premises.
  2. Both the landlord and the tenant must sign this form to enter into an agreement.
  3. The tenant is liable to pay a security deposit, additional pet security deposit, and late payment fees to the landlord as applicable.
  4. Notarization of the signatures is not necessary for legal execution of the lease.
  5. This contract form is suitable for leasing residential property in the Arizona State jurisdiction only.

Steps to Prepare Arizona Month to Month Agreement

This three-page lease contract requires inputs about the landlord, tenant, residential property, terms and conditions of the lease, and signatures. It is ideal that a landlord prepares this form along with the proposed tenant. Please hand over a duly signed copy of the form to all involved parties. Required inputs are

  • Date of execution of the lease agreement
  • Name, phone number, and email address of the landlord
  • Name, phone number, and email address of the tenant
  • Address of the residential premises
  • Description of parking and appliances allotted to the tenant along with the primary dwelling
  • Rent and penalty amount along with the due date for remitting the rent
  • Amounts of 3-day and 15-day late payment fee
  • Amount of security deposit payable to the landlord
  • Amount of additional pet deposit when the tenant intends to keep a pet upon prior approval of the landlord
  • Signatures of the landlord and tenant
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