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Arizona Commercial Lease Agreement

Arizona State Legislature Title 33 and Chapter 3 contains directives for the Arizona Commercial Lease Agreement. This contract is suitable for leasing a commercial property like office, industrial space, or retail outlet. However, please use this instrument for single-tenant lease. You require procuring a separate lease contract for entering into a multi-tenant lease. This contract has a provision to acquire Guarantee of Lease from a trustworthy guarantor to secure future rent payments. However, the guarantor must sign the lease contract and Guarantee of Lease in acceptance of the responsibility. The landlord and the tenant may select the lease contract type of the available three options like Triple Net, Modified Gross, or Gross. Please download this interactive form, fill in the required information, print, and sign to enter into a lease agreement. Notarization of signatures is not mandatory.

Steps to Prepare Arizona Commercial Lease Agreement

This 15-page contract requires inputs from the landlord, tenant, and guarantor. Therefore, it is most suitable that all signing parties prepare the document together. Please complete the Guarantee of Lease and Exhibit A along with the lease agreement. The landlord and the tenant must sign on the bottom of each page of the contract. Inputs required in the form are

  • Legal name of the landlord
  • Legal name of the tenant
  • Description and address of the property including name of the county and state
  • Lease term in years and months along with the dates of the commencement and the termination of the lease
  • Date of early possession if applicable
  • Rent amount and due date for the payment
  • Amounts of the rent, security deposit, association fees, and any other dues
  • Proposed use of the premises
  • Information about brokers and responsibility of brokerage payment
  • Legal name/s of the guarantor
  • Information about attachments like addendums, exhibits, plot plans, work letter, and other relevant documents, including terms and conditions
  • Information about modifications at tenant’s cost to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Name of place, date, and signatures of the landlord and tenant along with phone numbers and addresses
  • Exhibit A
  • Guarantee of Lease containing names of the landlord, tenant, guarantors, property description, and signatures of the guarantors
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