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Arizona Sublease Agreement

Arizona Sublease Agreement is an instrument suitable for an existing tenant to share the accommodation or part thereof with a subtenant with due permission from the original landlord. Such sublease agreements are popular in urban areas near a university. These transactions are in line with the Landlord Tenant Act and Arizona State law. However, please remember that such subleasing transaction is legally binding on the tenant and the subtenant. Certain important considerations prior to engaging in subleasing are

  1. Please seek prior permission from the original landlord for subleasing
  2. The tenant is solely responsible for making rent payment to the original landlord
  3. It is necessary to carry out all the steps while subleasing like preparing a move in / move out checklist, acquiring rental application form, or provide lead based paint disclosure, possible flood hazard disclosure, or bed bug information disclosure
  4. Eviction of the subtenant is sole responsibility of the tenant
  5. All the parties including the original landlord must sign this sublease contract for its legal execution

The contract requires various inputs on mutually agreed terms and conditions as well as information about the payment of rent and security deposit. Therefore, it is suitable that all signing parties prepare it together. This contract form is suitable only for leasing a part of residential property and do not use it for leasing a commercial property or its part.

Steps for Preparing Arizona Sublease Agreement

This simple to prepare contract has various spaces for inputs and signatures. Please provide information like

  • Date of execution of the sublease agreement in required format
  • Detailed address of the residential property, including information about apartment number and name of the city and county of Arizona state
  • Total rent and amount of installment payable to the tenant
  • Amount of rent installment payable to the landlord by the tenant
  • Amount of damage deposit payable and due date
  • Date of returning the damage deposit
  • Any additional terms and conditions of the agreement
  • Print name, date, and signatures of the landlord, tenant, and subtenant
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