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Pre-Tenancy Application Form

A Pre-Tenancy Application Form is a handy tool for a landlord as well as a proposed tenant. Please remember that the applicant or the proposed tenant may need to remit a non-refundable fee for processing the application. The applicant in addition, grants permission to landlord or landlord’s agent to run a credit check and verify …

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Virginia Rental Application Form

Please use the Virginia Rental Application Form for identifying a genuine tenant. However, please remember that the applicant must prepare the form in its entirety and submit proof of income and identity. The landlord is liable to return the deposit in case the application is rejected. Both applicants must sign this form in acceptance of …

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Alaska Rental Application Form

Alaska Rental Application Form is vital instrument for a landlord due to various reasons. It helps in real-time evaluation of the applicant’s credentials whilst avoiding the allegation of discrimination. A landlord has a right to demand a non-refundable deposit and screen the application by a routine or thorough credit check. This form helps a landlord …

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