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California Rental Lease Application – RW 11-5

California Rental Lease Application – RW 11-5 is an instrument required by the Department of Transportation of the California State to evaluate the credentials of an applicant interested in renting a commercial, residential, industrial, or agricultural property. This four-page form requests information about each proposed occupant; however, use a separate page to provide information about each tenant. The applicant has the option to make choices pertaining to proposed rental property. In addition, please prepare this RW 11-5 form in its entirety for fast and accurate processing of the application.

Steps To Prepare California Rental Lease Application – RW 11-5

Please download RW 11-5 rental application, fill in the required information, and print the form. Please attach additional sheets for each member. Inputs required in the form are

  • Names and birth dates of proposed occupants
  • Name, SSN, phone number, and driver’s license number of first proposed occupant or primary applicant
  • Information about the residence address, designation, phone number, and durations of the stay also please provide particulars of present residence followed by the previous
  • Present and prior employment information like name, address, phone number, supervisor name or title, duration of employment, and current salary
  • Information about bank like name, address, and savings or checking account number
  • Information about financial obligations like name of the biller, address, and amount due
  • Information about all vehicles on a separate line like make, model, year of manufacturing, license number, and name of the state issuing the license
  • Information about the possession of a waterbed
  • Reason for vacating present residence
  • Names of the father and mother of the proposed occupant
  • Emergency contact information like name, address, phone number, and relation with the applicant
  • Names, addresses, phone numbers, occupations, and duration of acquaintance of two personal references
  • Please provide similar information about second proposed occupant
  • Information about desired rent, number of bedrooms, choice of locality, address of property interested in, and type of property by making the correct selection of option
  • Date and signatures by all the applicants
  • Particulars requested in Information Collection and Access page like agency name and section information
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