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Arizona Rental Application

A landlord in Arizona State can use Arizona Rental Application to evaluate the credentials of an applicant prior to entering into a lease agreement. Such evaluations are necessary to determine the creditworthiness of the applicant. The landlord has right to verify this information from the applicant’s employer or previous landlord. In addition, the tenant agrees to remit a refundable and non-refundable security deposit while submitting the rental application. Applicant’s signature on the application form is compulsory. The landlord retains the right to approve or reject the application. In addition, submitting this duly filled form does not grant any reservation to the applicant.

Steps to Prepare Arizona Rental Application

The applicant must provide all requested information accurately and truthfully for precise evaluation. Following inputs are necessary

  • Section 1 – Name, marital status, date of birth, phone number, and SSN of the applicant
  • Section 2 – Information about other proposed occupants on the premises
  • Section 3 – Information about proposed pet occupancy along with type, weight, date of license, and breed of the pet
  • Section 4 – Information about current residence and the information about previous residence in case the present residence is less than two years old
  • Section 5 – Information about current employment and previous employment in case the current employment is less than two years old
  • Section 6 – Information about the spouse and other adult occupants on the premises, please use a separate sheet for each occupant if more than two
  • Section 7 – Information about banking like bank name, branch, account number and type
  • Section 8 – Information about credit cards and charge accounts
  • Section 9 – Information about tenant’s driver license and motor vehicles
  • Section 10 – Personal information about tenant and spouse like bankruptcy, use of drugs, and felony if any
  • Section 11 – Information about outstanding warrants if any
  • Section 12 – Information about waterbed and its insurance
  • Section 13 – Contact information during an emergency for applicant as well as co-applicant
  • Information requested in Deposit to Hold Agreement
  • Rental Agreement Information like apartment description, proposed rent amounts, security deposits, responsibility of payment of utilities, and tax amounts
  • Date and signatures of the applicants and manager acknowledgement of rental application
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