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Alabama Rental Application

Alabama Rental Application is a handy tool for landlords in Alabama State to evaluate the credentials of a prospective tenant. A tenant may file this application with the property manager or the landlord. This application form consists of two parts. The first part comprises of the rental application and the second part is consent by the tenant for the credit check. The tenant as well as co-tenants must sign all pages of the document. A tenant must review the document carefully prior to proceeding. Please remember that filing this form with the landlord does not qualify the tenant for tenancy. The decision by the landlord is final and binding on the tenant.

Before You Proceed

  1. Please prepare this document in its entirety.
  2. You authorize the landlord or the property manager to run a background check by signing the form of credit check consent or part 2 of the document.
  3. Please provide information about your bank account accurately to avoid disqualification.
  4. Please provide additional information that helps in better evaluation of your application. For example, you may add sources of additional income.
  5. Applying tenant and co-tenants must provide personal, employment, motor vehicle, credit cards, and residency/debtor information along with credit reference and emergency contact in the respective spaces.

Steps to Prepare Alabama Rental Application

This document requests information from the tenant and co-tenant. Please prepare both parts of the application form carefully and truthfully to avoid denial of the tenancy after the credit check. The inputs required are

  • Contact information, property details, and date of filing application
  • Personal information of the tenant like name, driver’s license particulars, SSN, date of birth, marital status, and names of spouse and children along with personal information about co-tenant like name, SSN, date of birth, and details of proposed occupants
  • Information about previous/present residency like address, duration, reason for vacating, and contact information of the landlord for past seven years
  • Employment information about tenant and co-tenant like place, address, name and contact information of supervisor, title, working hours, monthly payment, duration of employment, and other income sources
  • Information about debtor, residency requirements, and banking
  • Particulars of smoking habits, judgments, credit reference, pets, and history of eviction from rental unit if any
  • Information about motor vehicles and credit cards owned as well as creditors, debt type, amount owned, and amount of monthly payment
  • Emergency contact information
  • Names and signatures of the tenant and co-tenant in credit check consent form
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