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San Francisco Rental Application Form

Please prepare San Francisco Rental Application Form in its entirety. Applicant must date and sign the form in consent to verification of the information and credit check. Please do not forget to make a note of a deposit made to the landlord if any on the form. This three-page rental application requests personal and financial information about the applicant to establish creditworthiness for tenancy. A landlord can require a non-refundable fee from the applicant towards the application processing. In addition, the applicant requires furnishing information about residence and employment for a span of the last five years.

How To Prepare San Francisco Rental Application Form

Please download, print, and use the form. You may choose to attach additional pages for furnishing the requested information. The applicant requires providing following information.

  • Address of the rental unit
  • Personal information like name, SSN, phone numbers, ideal time to call, email address, driver’s license number, name of issuing state, and expiry date
  • Particulars of rental history for present and previous residence covering a span of five years like address, duration of stay, name of owner/manager, and phone number
  • Information about present and previous employment for a span of five years like name, position held, job duration, supervisor’s name, phone number, and address
  • Financial particulars like current income, additional income and sources for the same, bank name, savings account number and account balance, checking account number and account balance, credit card numbers, name of issuer, and card type
  • Names and relation of all proposed occupants
  • Particulars of pets like name, age, gender, weight, breed, and selection if spayed/neutered along with selection of choice to pay pet deposit and sign pet agreement
  • Information about two personal references like name, addresses, length of association, occupation, and phone numbers
  • Details of all vehicles owned like make, model, year, license plate number, issuing state, and selection if vehicles are insured and registered
  • Personal history particulars like smoking, eviction, bankruptcy, and conviction
  • Emergency contact information like name, address, phone number, and relationship of the person
  • Any other relevant information
  • Date and applicant’s signature
  • Date and deposit amount if any
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