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New York Sublease Agreement

New York Sublease Agreement

New York Sublease Agreement is suitable for renting a residential property of a part of it like a bedroom. The New York law permits a landlord to allow a tenant to sublease. However, all signing parties must come to a mutual agreement with the due consideration of The subtenant is

New York City Lease Rider For Rent Stabilized Tenants - RA-LR1 Form

New York City Lease Rider For Rent Stabilized Tenants – RA-LR1 Form

New York City Lease Rider For Rent Stabilized Tenants – RA-LR1 Form complies with the New York City Rent Stabilization Law. Please enclose this rider or form RA-LR1 to your New York lease contract. In addition, you require enclosing NYC Rent-Controlled Unit Renewal Form. The Rent Stabilization Code has important

New York Month to Month Rental Agreement

New York Month to Month Rental Agreement

A New York Month to Month Rental Agreement is a handy tool for a landlord to lease a residential property to deserving tenant. However, term month to month used in the title of the agreement comes with significance. This lease is also known as Tenancy At Will. Typically, it has

New York Standard Rental Lease Stabilized with Rider

New York Standard Rental Lease Stabilized with Rider

New York Standard Rental Lease Stabilized with Rider is a simple to prepare document. It has terms and conditions of the tenancy for the owner or landlord and the tenant. Please remember that the landlord requires a guarantor’s signature on this form. In addition, please refer to state laws for

Required disclosures and Addendums

Landlord’s identity disclosure

The New York Tenant’s Right Guide requires the landlord or any authorized personnel to provide their names and addresses.  It is done in a bid to make communication and sending of notices easy during the tenancy.

Bed bugs Disclosure

According to (NYC § 69-27-2018.2), the landlord must provide a report of past bedbugs status on the premises. It includes the history of infestations within the past 12 months. The units with bed bugs are not to be rented out.  According to The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), bed bugs is a class B violation, and landlords are required to eradicate them.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

The landlord is obligated to inform the tenants of potential lead-based paints hazards for units built before 1978 as per (42 U.S. Code § 4852d).  The disclosure form should also be accompanied by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved pamphlet.

Window Guard Notice Disclosure

The (NYC HC §12) mandates the New York landlords to provide window guards to tenants leaving with a child or children under the age of 11. Landlords with three or more apartment buildings should adhere to this statute. They are required to provide a form to notify the tenant of the installation.

Security deposit disclosure

The landlord is required to inform the tenant where the security deposit is held upon receiving the funds according to (§ 7-103).  The details disclosed should be the name and address of the bank/financial institution.

Fire Sprinkler System Disclosure

The (N.Y RPP § 231-A) requires the landlord to disclose whether the rental units have a functional sprinkler system.  If there is a system in place, the landlord is required to indicate the last date of inspection and maintenance.

New York Security Deposit Laws

In New York State, there are no limits/statutes regarding the amount of security deposit a landlord can ask from a tenant.  However, (N.Y. GOL §§ 7-103) requires the landlord must hold the deposit in an interest-bearing account if they own a property with more than six units.  The landlord should receive 1% of the interest per year for the custodial and administrative expenses.

The interest accrued is returned together with the security deposit when the rental lease ends. The landlord is required to return the funds within a reasonable timeframe as required in the New York Tenants’ Rights Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Rental Lease agreement legal in New York?

Yes. A rental lease agreement is a legally binding contract between a landlord and a tenant that has terms for a specific rental unit.

Can I renew a lease automatically in New York?

Yes. New York leases are allowed to have an automatically renewed clause. However, the landlord sends a renewal clause notice 15-30 days before the lease ends. The tenant also notifies the landlord if they do not wish to renew the lease.

Can a landlord raise the rent in New York?

Yes, the landlord can raise the rent. However, they are required to give a 30-day notice if they plan to raise the rent by 5% or more.

Can a landlord refuse to renew my lease in New York?

Yes. The renewal can be opposed on specified grounds listed in the 1954 Act. The landlord cannot however refuse to renew the lease based on discriminatory grounds such as race, religion, family status, etc.