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New York Month to Month Rental Agreement

A New York Month to Month Rental Agreement is a handy tool for a landlord to lease a residential property to deserving tenant. However, term month to month used in the title of the agreement comes with significance. This lease is also known as Tenancy At Will. Typically, it has a term of one month and it automatically renews on the last day of the month unless any of the parties want to terminate it by serving a notice. Such short termed contracts are suitable for tenants without an intention to stay longer due to constraints like frequent job change or students requiring short term accommodation. However, please remember following before proceeding

  1. Please verify applicable rent control act provisions.
  2. A landlord has the right to demand a duly filled rental application from the proposed tenant.
  3. You as a landlord may need to enclose applicable riders to the lease agreements to abide by New York Laws.
  4. Please prepare this document in its entirety. It is ideal that both parties prepare it together.
  5. The lease contract is legally binding on both signing parties although a notary attestation for signatures on the form is not necessary.

How to Write New York Month to Month Rental Agreement

Writing and executing a month to month agreement in New York jurisdiction is simple by downloading and using this form. The contract has 32 articles comprising the terms and conditions of the tenancy and a few of them require your inputs. Please prepare this legal instrument accurately by providing the following information.

  • Legal name of the landlord
  • Legal name of the tenant
  • Landlord’s address for sending notices if any
  • Tenant’s address for sending notices if any
  • Total number of proposed occupants and their names
  • Date of lease execution
  • Date of lease commencement
  • Amount of monthly rent in US dollars
  • Amount of security deposit in US dollars
  • Information about page number for particulars of the riders enclosed to this contract
  • Article 5: List of utilities with landlord’s payment responsibility
  • Article 8: Amounts of late fee and return check fee in US dollar
  • Article 12: Particulars of allotted parking spaces and additional rent for the same if any
  • Landlord’s signature in acceptance
  • Tenant’s signature in acceptance
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