New York Sublease Agreement is suitable for renting a residential property of a part of it like a bedroom. The New York law permits a landlord to allow a tenant to sublease. However, all signing parties must come to a mutual agreement with the due consideration of

  1. The subtenant is solely and jointly responsible for rent payment.
  2. The Overtenant is solely responsible for timely remittance of the rent to the landlord in spite of any and all subleasing arrangements.
  3. The Overtenant has the right to ask a rental application, move in checklist, and security deposit from the subtenant.
  4. It is mandatory to attach original residential lease agreement between the landlord and Overtenant to the sublease contract.
  5. The Overtenant must hand over lead based paint disclosure and the EPA pamphlet to subtenant in case the residential property is built on or prior to the year 1978.

How to Fill New York Sublease Agreement

This two-page document is simple to prepare in its entirety. It has 14 articles and your inputs are necessary in some articles. Please understand the significance of the terms Overtenant (original tenant) and subtenant to avoid misrepresentation of the facts. In addition, attach a copy of the original lease to this sublease contract. Please continue preparing the agreement by providing following information in the requested fields.

  • Date of preparing and executing the sublease agreement
  • Name of the Overtenant, address for sending notices if any, and email address
  • Name of the subtenant, address for sending notices if any, and email address
  • Name of the landlord and address for sending notices if any
  • Total term of the original lease or Over Lease and dates of beginning and ending of the agreement
  • Article 1: Dates of the beginning and ending of the sublease term
  • Article 2: Address of the premises
  • Article 4: Amounts of the total rent for the term and monthly installment in US dollars
  • Article 5: Information about utilities payment amount and names of the utilities covered under this provision
  • Article 6: Amount of security deposit in US dollars
  • Date, print name, and signature of the Overtenant
  • Date, print name, and signature of the tenant

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