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Texas Sublease Agreement – Commercial

Texas law permits a tenant to sublease a commercial premises like an office or retail store to a subtenant with the due permission and approval of the original owner of the commercial premises using Texas Sublease Agreement – Commercial. Preparing such sublease contract is necessary during various instances like

  1. A tenant wants to share the rent liability with the subtenant
  2. A landlord wants to rent unused premises previously rented to a tenant
  3. A subtenant with low resources needs to procure a business place

Please make sure to read the sublease agreement carefully prior to signing and entering into a legally binding contract. However, here are some important considerations requiring immediate attention

  1. The original landlord must approve subleasing in writing by signing the sublease contract along with the tenant and subtenant.
  2. Sublease duration cannot exceed the original lease term.
  3. The tenant is solely liable for the rent payment irrespective of subleasing and consideration.
  4. The subtenant is solely and jointly liable for rent payment to the tenant in case more than one subtenant enters into subleasing contract.
  5. Texas State law governs this subleasing transaction.

Please remember that you enter into a legally binding contract with the other signing party. Therefore, review the terms and conditions of the tenancy prior to signing and execution of the contract. Please refer state law for additional provisions that govern commercial subleasing.

Steps to Write Texas Sublease Agreement – Commercial

Writing commercial sublease contract is simple. This three-page document requires information from the tenant and the subtenant. Please continue by downloading the form and providing following inputs.

  • Date of agreement execution
  • Legal name of the tenant
  • Legal name of the subtenant
  • Article 1: Property address and description along with size of the premise measured in Height x Width x Depth
  • Article 2: Starting and ending date of the lease along with the landlord’s name for the approval of suitable subtenant replacement
  • Article 3: Information about base rent like amount of equated monthly payment, base rent amount, and starting and ending dates of the base rent period
  • Article 5: Security deposit amount
  • Article 7: Name of the lessor or original leaseholder
  • Article 12: Space for additional provisions if any
  • Article 14: Date, print name, address, and signatures of tenant, subtenant, and landlord
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