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Texas Sublease Agreement

A subleasing transaction using Texas Sublease Agreement falls under the purview of Title 8 Landlord and Tenant of Texas law. However, Section 91.005 prohibits subleasing unless the original landlord permits the same with written consent. Please remember that the landlord must sign this form in acceptance to sublease. This contract form is suitable for leasing a residential property or a part of it like a bedroom. Such subleasing transaction is highly appropriate for subtenants like students. The form also has a provision for acquiring consent of parent or guardian in case of a minor subtenant. 

Before Proceeding

  1. Please remember that a tenant has the right of collecting rent, security deposit, late payment fees, and other charges from the subtenant.
  2. Similarly, the tenant is ultimately responsible for rent payment to the landlord in spite of the sublease consideration.
  3. The term of the sublease cannot exceed the duration of the original lease between the landlord and the tenant.
  4. The subtenant is solely and jointly responsible for rent payment when more than one subtenant shares the accommodation.

Texas Sublease Agreement – Prepare In Few Simple Steps

The financial arrangements along with the terms and conditions of the tenancy are binding on all parties, provided this sublease contract is prepared in its entirety. Please provide following information in the requested fields after downloading the form to prepare the contract in a few simple steps. Please remember that notarization of the signatures is not necessary for legal standing of the agreement.

  • Article 1: Name of the sublessor
  • Article 2: Name of the subtenant
  • Article 3: Premises location, address, and description
  • Article 4: total sublease term, date of the beginning of the lease, rent payable every month, due date for rent payment, and name and address of the person receiving the rent
  • Article 5: Date of sublease termination
  • Article 8: Amounts of security deposit and refund after the subtenant vacates the premises
  • Article 9: Number of days for providing inventory form to the subtenant
  • Article 12: Space for other provisions if any
  • Article 18: Date of entering into an agreement, parent or guardian’s signature in consent for minor subtenant
  • Date and landlord’s signature
  • Selection of option if original lease and inventory checklist is attached
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