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Michigan Residential Lease Agreement

Please use Michigan Residential Lease Agreement for leasing a dwelling within the jurisdiction of Michigan State. The landlord and all tenants must sign this form in acceptance of the terms and conditions of the tenancy. In addition, you must select the appropriate lease term from the two choices available and mention it specifically on the form. Please read the entire document carefully prior to signing as it is legally binding on all signing parties upon the execution.

Michigan Residential Lease Agreement – Prepare In Few Simple Steps

This six-page agreement form has 32 articles. This form is suitable for yearly or month to month lease term. You must select the appropriate tenancy option and furnish requested particulars for the selected type. A tenant must sign on each page of the agreement form. Please review all pages of the form carefully and provide following information in the requested fields to prepare the contract in a few simple steps.

  • Legal name of the landlord
  • Legal names of all tenants each on a separate line if more than one
  • Selection of tenancy type, furnish commencement and termination date as applicable
  • Article a: Signatures of all tenants if more than one tenant enters into tenancy contract
  • Article b: Rent amount, due date, and landlord’s address for the rent payment
  • Article c: Amount of discount in the rent upon prompt payment
  • Article d: Security deposit amount, date of making the payment, and name of the bank where the security deposit is held
  • Article e: Amount of non refundable cleaning fee
  • Article f: Number of occupants and amount of additional rent
  • Article g: List of rooms prohibited for sleeping
  • Article h: Number of keys and amount of key/lock replacement charges
  • Article i: Additional rent amount for unauthorized use of mailbox
  • Article k: List of furnishings, appliances, and furniture supplied by landlord
  • Article l: Number of smoke detectors on the premises
  • Article n: Landlord’s phone number
  • Article q: Number of hours for entry notice
  • Article u: Information about tenant’s cars and parking spaces allotted
  • Article v: Selection of payment responsibility and duties between landlord and tenant
  • Article ff: Space for extra terms or provisions of the tenancy
  • Date of executing lease agreement
  • Landlord’s signature
  • Tenant’s signature
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