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California Commercial Lease Agreement Single Tenant – Net

California Commercial Lease Agreement Single Tenant – Net is appropriate for leasing a single-tenant commercial property. Typically, a landlord prefers a Triple Net type lease agreement wherein the tenant agrees to pay all dues like property taxes, insurance premium, and maintenance along with the rent. This lease contract has spaces for Exhibit A as well as Guarantee of Lease. A guarantor must sign the guarantee of the lease to provide additional security to the landlord. In addition, this commercial lease contract requires attaching the Energy Efficiency Disclosure. Such commercial leasing agreements are in line with the directives specified in the California Commercial Landlord Tenant Act. The landlord or the lessor may choose to procure a rental application from every proposed tenant to evaluate credit worthiness.

Before You Proceed

  1. All parties including the guarantor must sign this agreement form
  2. The landlord and the tenant must sign at the bottom all pages
  3. Please review the provisions required for computing rent and other payable amounts
  4. The landlord and the tenant must mutually agree for shouldering the responsibility of brokerage payment if any broker is involved
  5. Both parties must prepare this contract in its entirety by enclosing Exhibit A, Guarantee of Lease, terms and conditions, addendums if any, plot plan, work letter, and any other relevant document

Directions for Filling Particulars in California Commercial Lease Agreement Single Tenant – Net

Please fill in following information after downloading the contract.

  • Date of execution of the lease
  • Legal name of the lessor
  • Legal name of the lessee
  • Detailed address and description of the premises
  • Lease term in years and months along with the dates of the commencement and the termination of the lease
  • Date of early possession if applicable
  • Rent amount and due date for the payment
  • Amounts of the rent, security deposit, association fees, and any other dues
  • Proposed use of the property
  • Information about brokers and responsibility of brokerage payment
  • Name of signing guarantor
  • Selection of options and information about enclosures like addendums, exhibits, plot plans, work letter, and other relevant documents, including terms and conditions
  • Information about renovations at the tenant’s cost to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility requirements
  • Name of the place, date of the execution, and signatures of the lessor and the lessee along with their addresses and phone numbers
  • Duly filled Exhibit A
  • Guarantee of Lease containing names of the lessor, lessee, guarantor, premises description, and signatures of the guarantor
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