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California Commercial Lease Agreement

California Commercial Lease Agreement is a legal instrument signed by a landlord and a tenant while leasing a commercial property. Typically, entrepreneurs need commercial spaces for opening offices or retail outlets and such lease contract is necessary during procuring rental space for business. However, the landlord may seek rental application as well as a guarantee of the lease from the applicant for evaluation of credentials. In addition, California State law mandates enclosing certain disclosures depending upon the nature of the business. 

Important Considerations

  1. Please prepare the document in its entirety.
  2. The instrument is legally binding on all signing parties, including brokers and guarantors if any.
  3. The tenant must seek prior approval for special requirements from the landlord as specified in Article 5, Section 5.03.
  4. Delayed rent payment is subject to a late payment charge as specified in Section 2.03 of Article 2.

Landlord and the tenant can enter into Gross or (NNN) Triple Net type of agreement with mutual understanding. This lease contract form is suitable for both types; however, both parties must specify the appropriate option in Article 2. Please refer to California Commercial Landlord and Tenant Act for more provisions on entering into this type of rental contract. This agreement form is not suitable for renting a residential property or any part thereof.

Directions to Fill California Commercial Lease Agreement

This legal instrument has 21 Articles and requests inputs from all signing parties. Therefore, download and prepare this form together for accuracy and clarity on terms and conditions. However, notarization of the signatures is not necessary for the legal standing of the lease contract. Following inputs are necessary

  • Date of execution and names of landlord and the tenant
  • Article 1 – Property address, area in sq ft, and lease term in years, including dates of commencement and termination of the lease
  • Article 2 – Amounts of rent with description of rent payment phases and security deposit
  • Article 3 – Information about proposed use of the premises
  • Article 5 – Information about additional requirements
  • Article 17 – Landlord and tenant’s address for sending notices if any
  • Date of execution of the lease contract
  • Signature of the landlord
  • Signature of the tenant
Download PDF (340.37 Kb)