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Alabama Sublease Agreement Form

A rightful tenant can sublease a residential property with the due consent of the original landlord using Alabama Sublease Agreement Form. Alabama State laws and Alabama Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act regulate subleasing transactions. Typically, such leasing contract is handy for students that share a private accommodation during their tenure at the university. The contract form has 18 sections requiring inputs from the landlord, tenant, and the subtenant. Therefore, it is necessary that all signing parties prepare this legal instrument together.

Important Considerations for All Signing Parties

  1. This sublease does not have provision for holdover by the subtenant.
  2. Landlord’s approval and signed consent are necessary for execution of the sublease.
  3. The tenant is solely responsible for the rent payment to the landlord irrespective the subtenant pays the rent or not
  4. Attach original lease agreement between the tenant and the landlord with this form
  5. Hand over a duly signed copy of the sublease contract to all signing parties
  6. Any amendment in this sublease agreement requires signed consent of all parties

Steps to Prepare Alabama Sublease Agreement Form

Please download and review this document carefully. All parties must sign this form for its execution. Inputs required are

  • Name of sublessor or the tenant in section 1
  • Name of the subtenant or sublessee in section 2
  • Location, address, and description of the premises in section 3
  • Lease term in months and years followed by the dates of commencement and termination of the lease in section 4
  • Amount of rent and due date as well as name and address of the person to remit the rent in section 5
  • Date of termination of the sublease in section 6
  • Amount of security deposit in section 9; please mention the amount to be retained from the security deposit
  • Other terms and conditions to meet custom subleasing requirements in section 12
  • Date, print name, and signatures of the tenant and subtenant
  • Date, print name, and signature of the landlord or agent in consent to execution of the sublease
  • Selection of choices for enclosed documents like original lease and inventory checklist
Download PDF (66.14 Kb)