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Alabama Residential Lease Agreement

Please download and use Alabama Residential Lease Agreement to engage in a legal contract with the tenant. Alabama Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act governs such leasing transaction. However, please remember that it is necessary to prepare a lead based paint disclosure on leasing a property built before the year 1978. This document is appropriate for leasing a residential property on fixed as well as ongoing lease term. In addition, the tenant may need to submit a rental application to qualify for tenancy. 33 subsections of the contract seek numerous inputs and it is necessary that the landlord and the tenant prepare it together.

Considerations for the Landlord

  • Sending 7-day notice to the tenant is necessary for eviction upon nonpayment of the rent.
  • Use space for additional provisions or disclosure to declare lead based paint hazards for property constructed prior to 1978 or known flood hazards.
  • The contract is legally binding once signed and executed.

Considerations for the Tenant

  • The landlord may demand pet deposit, late payment charges, and hold over rent as applicable.
  • The agreement voids upon filing the same with the public office or public records by the tenant.
  • Landlord may demand rental application form for evaluation.

Steps to Prepare Alabama Residential Lease Agreement

Please prepare this agreement together. Inputs required are

  • Date of execution as well as legal names of the landlord and tenant
  • County name and property description
  • Lease term in months and years as well as dates of commencement and termination of the lease in section 1
  • Information about rent payable in section 2
  • Amount of damage deposit in words and figure in section 3
  • Information about the proposed use of the premises in section 4
  • Amount of rent in case of tenant’s holdover in section 15
  • Information about pets as well as amounts of refundable and non-refundable pet deposit in section 17
  • Amount of late charge in section 21
  • Names and addresses of the landlord and tenant for sending notices if any in section 32
  • Additional disclosures and/or provisions in section 33
  • Date and signatures of the landlord as well as tenant and co-tenants if any
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