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Alabama Month to Month Rental Agreement

Alabama Month to Month Rental Agreement is a simple contract between a landlord and a tenant that renews itself month after month upon payment of the monthly rent. Therefore, this type of lease does not have a natural termination date. However, a landlord or a tenant can revoke such lease by sending a 30-day certified written termination notice to the other party in line with § 35-9A-441 of the Alabama Code. Please download and prepare this form for leasing a residential property. It is ideal that all signing parties prepare this form together as various inputs are required from them. Alabama Code Section 35-9A-201 mandates that the landlord must accept one month rent towards security deposit. Please understand the significance of the term Tenancy At Will prior to signing and entering the lease.

Points to Remember

  1. Only one month rent towards security deposit
  2. Selection of responsibility for payment for utilities
  3. Consideration of pet deposit if any upon prior permission from the landlord
  4. Date of signing the lease may not be the date of commencement of the contract
  5. Disclosure about lead based paint if applicable

Steps to Prepare Alabama Month to Month Rental Agreement

Following inputs are mandatory from the landlord and the tenant. Notarization of signatures is not necessary for execution or legal standing of the residential lease contract.

  • County name
  • Place, date, and names of the tenant and the landlord
  • Residential property address and description in Section 2
  • Date of commencement and termination in Section 3
  • Information about rent, late fee, and name of person to receive rent in Section 6
  • Information about proposed occupants on the premises in Section 7
  • Number of days permissible for guest occupancy in Section 10
  • List of utilities payable by the landlord in Section 11
  • List of appliances supplied by the landlord in Section 14
  • Information about military clause if any in Section 17
  • Security deposit amount in Section 21
  • Information about amounts of refundable and non-refundable pet deposit in Section 27 if applicable
  • Information about landlord’s address and phone number in Section 35
  • Additional terms to fulfill custom requirements in Section 41
  • Signatures of the tenant, landlord, and agent if any
Download PDF (53.67 Kb)