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Texas Residential Lease Agreement

A landlord in Texas State can lease a residential property to a tenant by using Texas Residential Lease Agreement. Typically, this agreement has one-year term and it is revocable upon serving a 30-day notice by either of the parties. Texas law permits a landlord and a tenant to enter into a tenancy agreement provided following prerequisites are observed meticulously

  1. Both parties must review the entire document together to understand the terms and conditions of the tenancy and arrive to a mutually agreed consideration.
  2. The notary attestation of the signatures on the form is not necessary although this lease contract is legally binding on both parties upon its execution.
  3. The tenant is not authorized to record this lease in any Public Records unless he or she receives a written consent from the landlord.
  4. The landlord has right to demand rental application and application processing fees from the tenant for evaluating the credentials.
  5. The landlord may ask for a cosigner or a guarantor to secure rent payment in addition to the security deposit held.

Please remember to adhere to guidelines pertaining to lead based paint disclosure for a property constructed on or before the year 1978. In addition, the landlord must hand over a copy of the EPA pamphlet to the tenant for such property.

How To Fill Texas Residential Lease Agreement

Preparing this lease contract is easy when both signing parties provide input after arriving at a mutual understanding. The contract form has 7 pages and 34 articles. Your contribution is necessary by providing following inputs in some articles of the form. Please continue by entering following inputs in the requested fields.

  • Date of executing the lease agreement
  • Name of the landlord
  • Name of the tenant
  • Article 1: Detailed property address
  • Article 2: Dates of beginning and termination of the agreement in desired format
  • Article 3: Amounts of monthly rent, late charge, and return check fee
  • Article 4: Security deposit amount
  • Article 5: Proposed use of the premises
  • Article 16: Rent amount in case tenant’s hold over
  • Article 18: Amount of pet fee
  • Article 33: Landlord’s address for sending notices if any
  • Date of execution of the lease contract
  • Date, print name, and landlord’s signature in acceptance
  • Date, print name, and tenant’s signature in acceptance
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