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Blank Rental Application Form

Please use this Blank Rental Application Form template to acquire important information from a proposed tenant. You are entitled to collect a non-refundable application processing fee from the applicant as a landlord or landlord’s property manager. Please ensure that each applicant, co-applicant, and proposed occupant above the age eighteen years must fill a separate rental application. A duly filled rental application form is the definitive source for identifying genuine tenant. In addition, make sure that

  1. The applicant provides information in all requested fields
  2. The applicant dates and signs the rental application
  3. Discuss the nature of credit check with the applicant
  4. Keep the information confidential
  5. Process the application in speediest manner possible and convey the result to the applicant

Steps To Fill Blank Rental Application Form

Please download and print application form. Use black or blue ink to enter information. Do not forget to date and sign the application in conformity to the content. Continue by providing the following information in the requested fields.

  • Name, date of birth, SSN, and driver’s license number of the applicant
  • Any other name along with home and cell phone number
  • Name, date of birth, and relation of each proposed occupant
  • Information about current, previous, and prior residence like address, last paid rent amount, name and phone number of landlord, reason for moving, particulars of rent paid, notice, request for moving, names of billed utilities, and duration of the stay
  • Particulars of applicant’s current, previous, and prior employment like name address, phone number of employer, role, supervisor’s name, monthly gross salary, and job duration
  • Bank name and balance owned or balance on deposit for savings or checking account, credit card, and auto loan
  • Model, make, year of manufacturing, color, and license plate number of all vehicles
  • Name, address, and phone number of doctor, lawyer, and close relative for emergency contact and references
  • General information about late rent notice, smoking, proposed duration of stay, bankruptcy, conviction, anticipated move-in date, pets, reoccurring problems with existing landlord, reason for moving, sources of additional income, lawsuit if any, name of person for borrowing loan in future to pay rent, negative facts, email address, reference of other tenant
  • Date and signature
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