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Arkansas Rental Application Template

A landlord must ensure the financial capability of a proposed tenant to pay rent and Arkansas Rental Application Template helps a landlord for accurate evaluation. The applicant must provide the information accurately and complete the form in its entirety. In addition, the applicant must sign this form. A landlord is entitled to verify information in the form using credit check. The landlord is also entitled to demand non-refundable application processing fee from the applicant. The applicant permits the landlord to verify the information in the form by signing it. In addition, please make sure that

  1. All information in the form is accurate
  2. Falsification or misrepresentation of facts may result in denial of the tenancy
  3. The applicant receives the acknowledgement from the landlord after filing the form
  4. The landlord is entitled to refund holding deposit if any upon the cancellation by the applicant within the prescribed duration

Steps To Fill Arkansas Rental Application Template Accurately

This form requests personal, employment, and tenancy history from an applicant interested in getting a rented property in Arkansas State. Please give accurate information in all requested fields and sign the form for faster processing. Information requested on the form is

  • Detailed property address and proposed rent amount
  • Personal Information: Applicant’s name, SSN, date of birth, phone numbers, email address, and name of guarantor if any; you may write none in case of no guarantor
  • Tenancy History: Information about present and previous tenancy like address, rent or mortgage amount, and lease term; in addition please provide name and address of landlord along with the reason for moving and information about landlord/tenant litigations, eviction, bankruptcy if any
  • Employment History: Information about applicant’s employment like name of current employer, designation, address, name and phone number of supervisor, annual income / bonus, and duration of the employment; in addition, provide similar information about previous employment
  • Personal Information: Please give particulars of driver’s license, name of issuing state, and expiration date; continue by providing bank’s name and address along with account numbers, credit cards, other income sources and amount, business references, and emergency contact information
  • Date and applicant’s signature
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