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Alaska Rental Application

A landlord in Alaska may demand a duly prepared Alaska Rental Application from the applicant or the proposed tenant. This form requests personal, employment, and reference information about the applicant and co-applicant. A landlord is required processing this application to evaluate the worthiness of the applicant for leasing the premises. Understanding the credit history and worthiness of an applicant is very important for a landlord. Typically, a landlord may perform a thorough credit check using private services. In addition, the applicant may need to pay a non-refundable application processing fee to the landlord/agent/property manager. Please remember to prepare a separate application for each adult and non-spouse applicant. All applicants and co-applicants must sign this application form before filing it to the landlord, landlord’s agent, or the property manager.

How To Fill Alaska Rental Application

The applicant and all co-applicants must prepare and sign application form together. Please provide following information in the requested fields accurately for speedier processing of the application.

  • Date and applicant’s phone number and email address
  • Property address and proposed rent amount
  • Personal information of the applicant like name, SSN, and date of birth
  • Personal information about the co-applicant like name, SSN, and date of birth
  • Name, SSN, and date of birth of each proposed occupant on a separate line
  • Present, previous, and second-previous address, dates of occupancy, landlord’s names, and phone numbers
  • Reason for leaving current residence
  • Description of pets if any
  • Applicant and co-applicant’s driver license numbers, name of issuing state, and expiration date
  • Information about applicant and co-applicant’s vehicles like make, model, year, color, license number, and name of registration state
  • Present and previous employment information of applicant and co-applicant like name of employer, title or rank, address, phone number, nature of business or operations, name title and phone number of supervisor, employment duration, and gross monthly income
  • Information about references like name address and phone number of bank, name address and phone numbers for two credit references, name address and phone number of personal reference, name address and phone number of close relative
  • Information about filing bankruptcy, eviction from tenancy, and refusal to rent payment if applicable
  • Signature of the applicant
  • Signature of the co-applicant
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