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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a tenant break a lease in New Jersey?

Yes.  The tenants are allowed to break a lease in New Jersey in cases where the premises are in a bad condition that is not habitable.  Other reasons can be due to violation of their privacy or harassment by the landlord among others acceptable by federal law.

Do landlords allow lease renewals in New Jersey?

Yes. The landlord is required to allow lease renewals unless there is a good cause for eviction. However, the renewal of the lease must be written and accepted by both the landlord and the tenant.

Do tenants have rights in New Jersey?

Yes. The tenants have a right to fair and better housing conditions. The landlord is required to provide habitable living conditions to the tenants. The tenants have the responsibility of maintaining and preserving the property as given.

Is the landlord responsible for painting in New Jersey?

No.  The rental units in New Jersey do not require painting in between tenants (moving in and out).  If painting is required more than once every three years, it is considered as an omission and act of the tenant. The tenant is responsible for painting and other protective coats required in their unit.

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