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Sample Rental Lease Agreement

Sample Rental Lease Agreement is suitable for renting a residential property. This legal instrument is appropriate for using in all states. However, please refer to your state law for inclusion of additional provisions that imperatively govern such leasing transactions. This 3-page document has 27 articles comprising of the terms and conditions of the tenancy. Please review them carefully prior to proceeding. This tenancy contract is legally binding on both signing parties although a notary attestation of signatures is not mandatory.

Please Remember To

  1. Prepare the document thoroughly by furnishing information requested in various articles of the contract.
  2. Sign this agreement and hand over a signed copy to all parties engaged in the transaction.
  3. Append to the terms of tenancy for a mutual and lasting relationship between both the parties.

Serving a thirty-day notice is necessary for premature revocation of the lease. Similarly, a landlord can send a 7-day notice to the tenant for lease termination and evacuation of the tenant upon the violation of the terms and conditions of the tenancy.

Sample Rental Lease Agreement – Prepare In Few Simple Steps

This agreement template requires inputs from the landlord and the tenant. Please provide the following information to prepare the contract in a few simple steps.

  • Article 1: Names, addresses, and phone numbers of the landlord and the tenant
  • Article 2: Detailed address of the residential property
  • Article 3: Total lease term as well as dates of the beginning and termination of the lease in the required format
  • Article 4: Rent amount in US dollars and due date for payment of every month
  • Article 5: List of furniture and appliances on the premises supplied by the landlord
  • Article 6: Security deposit amount in words and figure
  • Article 7: Names of proposed occupants on the premises, please use a separate line for writing the name of each person intends to stay on the premises
  • Article 8: Name, address, and phone number of landlord or landlord’s authorized agent for sending notices if any
  • Article 9: Selection of payment responsibility for utilities from the offered options, please tick mark before each option
  • Article 21: Please attach dated and signed sheet containing extra provisions if any
  • Date and signature of the landlord
  • Date and signature of the tenant
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