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Sample Pasture Lease Agreement

A sample Pasture Lease Agreement offers guidelines for a ranch owner and cattle owner to enter into a mutual arrangement. Such leasing is one of the most prominent aspects of the agriculture in America. However, always remember to prepare a fair contract for both parties. Such fair contracts are followed more meticulously and most likely are renewed at the end of the lease term. Some important information required in the lease agreement is

  1. Discuss about the appropriate method of rent computation and payment schedule and arrive to a conclusion.
  2. Fair discussion about the stocking rate definitely removes ambiguity and helps both parties to reach their respective goals from this leasing contract.
  3. Please remember to write all mutually agreed terms, sign on the contract, and get notary acknowledgment of signatures to execute the lease agreement.
  4. Review the entire document carefully prior to signing. Please seek legal counsel in case of disagreement of the terms or conditions of the lease.

How To Write Pasture Lease Agreement

A landowner requires a contract for renting a pastureland to a livestock owner. However, the landowner requires entering into a separate agreement with each livestock owner if more than one. Please provide the following information to write a lease agreement accurately.

  • Article I: Date of execution along with the names and addresses of the landlord and tenant or livestock owner
  • Article II: Information about the property comprising of description, acreage, and names of the county and state
  • Article III: Selection of appropriate lease term option from choices like Annual or Continuing Lease, information about dates of the commencement and termination of the lease in appropriate selection in section A; duration in number of days for lease review in section B; description of male animals in section E, extra agreements pertaining to the lease term in section G
  • Article IV: Total permissible number of animal units on the pastureland
  • Article VI: Sharing of responsibilities between the landowner and the livestock owner
  • Article VIII: Selection of one method for rent computation from options like Per-Head-Per-Month, Per-Acre-Charge, or Payment-For-Gain along with requested information under the selected method of computation
  • Article IX: Information about the payment schedule and rental adjustment if any
  • Article XI: Signatures of the landowner, livestock owner, and notary attestation
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