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Sample House Lease Agreement

A landlord requires a Sample House Lease Agreement while leasing a residential property to the tenant. This 5-page contract form has 30 articles comprising of the terms and conditions of the tenancy. This document is appropriate for use in all states; however, it is necessary to refer state law for additional and state-specific provisions of the tenancy. The landlord and the tenant agree that the lease agreement is legally binding on both signing parties and arbitration is subject to the state or county jurisdiction.

Before Proceeding

  1. A landlord has a right to demand a duly filled rental application form from the tenant.
  2. The tenant must read and accept all terms and conditions of the tenancy.
  3. Please quote mutually agreed amount of rent and security deposit in the lease agreement.
  4. Occupants listed on this lease contract can stay or use the premises.
  5. It is ideal to prepare a move in the checklist signed by both parties before entering into an agreement.

Please remember that this template provides the guidelines for entering into the most common type of residential tenancy. However, you may seek legal counsel for additional terms and conditions as a tenant or as a landlord and include them in this contract. In addition, the landlord must provide lead based paint disclosure and the EPA pamphlet to the tenant for a residential property built prior to the year 1978.

How To Fill Sample House Lease Agreement

Please use this simple template for leasing a residential property. A witness must acknowledge the signatures on the form. Following information is necessary to prepare a residential lease contract.

  • Date of execution of the contract
  • Legal name of the landlord or owner
  • Legal name of the tenant
  • Description and address of the residential property in article 1
  • Date of lease commencement in article 1
  • Date of lease expiry in article 1
  • Rent amount and due date in article 2
  • Amount of rental deposit in article 3
  • Names, age, and relation of all proposed occupants on a separate line in article 5
  • Date and signatures of landlord, tenant, and witness in Article 30
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