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Mold Addendum to Lease

A Mold Addendum to Lease is a recent development. A landlord or the property owner insists on appending an addendum to the original lease agreement due to following reasons

  • The addendum has do’s and don’ts for a tenant to prevent the occurrence of mold in a residential property. In addition, a landlord requires reporting of mold occurrences for remedial actions. Therefore, this instrument has essential information and directives for the tenant.
  • The tenant is responsible for violation of the mold addendum in case of mold occurrence. Some consequences are the recovery of damages and/or eviction of the tenant due to damage to the property.

How To Write Mold Addendum to Lease In 3 Simple Steps

  1. Enter the legal name of the landlord or landlord’s agent on the first line.
  2. Enter tenant’s name on the next line.
  3. The landlord and the tenant must date and sign this addendum.
Download PDF (79.09 Kb)