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Land Lease Agreement

Land Lease Agreement is an instrument intended to facilitate a lease transaction between an individual landowner and a corporation or organization for commercial application. Registration of the agreement in the concerned Land Registry Office is mandatory. In addition, please remember that any handwritten modifications or amendments in the contract are not permitted. This agreement is legally binding on assignees, heirs, and successors of the lessee and lessor upon its execution. The English language will supersede all other languages during the discrepancies in terms and conditions of the tenancy in case any other languages are used in the form.

Please remember that the original Power Purchase Agreement signed by the lessor and the lessee holds immense significance in governing the terms and conditions of the tenancy. For an example, dispute resolution provision specified in the original Power Purchase Agreement governs the arbitration and resolution of dispute if any. Therefore, it is necessary that both parties enclose the PPA along with the Site Title Certificate and Site Map with the lease agreement form. Please refer to six pages, 25 articles, and state laws prior to proceeding. You may seek legal counsel for detailed insight on the terms or conditions of the tenancy.

Steps To Write Land Lease Agreement In Its Entirety

Please prepare this contract along with the Annexure A and Annexure B carefully. Omission of information may lead to misrepresentation of facts. This contract between a landowner and an LLC requires the combined inputs from both parties. Therefore, it is ideal that both parties prepare it together after downloading the document. Please provide the following information.

  • Date of lease execution
  • Name and address of lessor or the landowner
  • Name and address of lessee or LLC
  • Date of execution of the Power Purchase Agreement
  • Article 4: Information about the rent payable
  • Article 5: Date of delivery of possession of the land
  • Article 21: County name for governing the jurisdiction
  • Article 24: Information about other languages if any
  • Name, title, and signatures of lessor and lessee
  • Name and signatures of witnesses
  • Attach copy of the original Power Purchase Agreement
  • Attach map and Certificate of Title of the site
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