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Full Time Horse Lease Agreement

Full Time Horse Lease Agreement comprises of 6 pages and 21 articles. This form is suitable for leasing a horse. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the tenancy throughout 21 articles. In addition, both signing parties must pay attention to

  1. Both parties must accurately fill information about the horse and proposed use.
  2. Lessor’s consent is mandatory for an assignment or subletting the horse.
  3. The lessee must maintain adequate insurance coverage throughout the lease term.
  4. Both parties must sign to enter into a contract, although notary attestation of signatures is not necessary for the execution and legal standing of the agreement.
  5. Please refer to the provisions for service of a notice in article 18.

This generic template for horse lease contract is suitable for all states. However, please refer to state law for additional provisions and applicable laws that govern such leasing transaction. Contacting the department of Agriculture and Consumer Services helps in procuring up to date information. Please complete this contract form in its entirety. It is necessary by the law.

Directions to Prepare Full Time Horse Lease Agreement

Please download the contract form, fill in following information, and sign to enter into a legally binding lease agreement.

  • Article 1: date, names, and addresses of the lessor and lessee
  • Article 2: Information about the horse like name, gender, date of birth, breed, color, brand, registration number, and location
  • Article 3: Dates of the lease commencement and termination
  • Article 4: Information about rent, due date, and amount of late fee in case of payment default
  • Article 5: Amount of refundable security deposit
  • Article 6: Particulars of the duration of use and selection the type of use along with the name of the trainer
  • Article 11: Information about the insurance coverage
  • Article 13: Rate of interest applicable on unpaid rent installment/s
  • Article 18: Lessor and lessee’s name and fax number for sending notices if any
  • Article 19: State and county name for jurisdiction
  • Print name and signature of lessor
  • Print name and signature of lessee
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