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Basic Rental Agreement or Residential Lease

Basic Rental Agreement or Residential Lease is a generic template suitable for all states. However, it is necessary to verify any additional provisions or applicable state laws and include them in the agreement. Your local county courthouse will issue the copy of safety, health, and housing laws for clarity. This four-page lease contract form has 32 articles comprising the terms and conditions of the lease. Please refer to them carefully prior to signing as this instrument is legally binding on all signing parties, although notary attestation of signatures is not necessary. The landlord or landlord’s agent must hand over lead based paint disclosure as well as the EPA pamphlet to the tenant and acquire the acknowledgement for the same for any property constructed on or before the year 1978. Please remember that serving a thirty-day notice is necessary for premature termination of the rental agreement.

Steps to Fill Basic Rental Agreement or Residential Lease Accurately

Please download and prepare this residential lease together with all signing parties. Inputs requested in the form are

  • Legal name of the landlord
  • Legal name of the tenant
  • Address of the dwelling
  • Article 1: Rent amount, due date for payment, date of lease commencement, and selection of lease termination option
  • Article 2: Name of person for remitting the rent, rent and security deposit amount, and total payable amount
  • Article 3: Duration for returning the security deposit and description of deductions after the tenant vacates the premises
  • Article 4: Description of late charges and check dishonor fee
  • Article 5: List of utilities with the landlord’s payment responsibility
  • Article 6: Names of proposed occupants on the premises
  • Article 7: Information about pet deposit and additional rent if applicable
  • Article 9: Description of allotted parking space/s
  • Article 26: Signatures of the tenant in acknowledgement of receiving lead based paint disclosure and EPA pamphlet in case the property is built prior to the year 1978
  • Article 27: Additional terms and conditions if any
  • Article 28: Landlord’s address for sending notices if any
  • Article 29: Landlord’s inventory list on the premises
  • Article 30: Particulars of allotted keys, rules, agreement, and any other provision
  • Date and signature of the tenant
  • Date and signature of the landlord
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