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Florida Residential Lease Agreement

Florida Statutes, Chapter 83 permits a landlord to lease a residential property to a tenant by using Florida Residential Lease Agreement. This contract form is appropriate for leasing all types of residential properties except a duplex home. Please do not use this form for leasing a commercial, industrial, or retail premises. Typically, this form allows a lease term of one year. The contract has 25 articles comprising of the terms and conditions of tenancy equally binding on all signing parties. Therefore, review all pages of the form carefully and seek legal guidance in case you do not understand any provision. Please download and prepare this agreement in its entirety. Notarization of signatures of the parties in the form is not necessary for the execution and legal standing of the lease agreement.

How to Prepare Florida Residential Lease Agreement

Please provide following information to prepare lease contract and addendum for early termination or liquidated damages accurately.

  • Lease term as well as dates of commencement and termination of the contract
  • Names of the landlord and tenant along with their email addresses and phone numbers
  • Address of the property and list of appliances and furniture on the premises
  • Particulars of the rent, due date, and taxes
  • Information about security deposit, pet deposit, late, charge, bad check fee, and other payment
  • Landlord agent’s name and address for sending notices
  • Selection of choices in article VII pertaining to tenant’s use of the premises
  • Selection of maintenance responsibility and amount to determine major maintenance in article IX
  • List of utilities with landlord’s payment responsibility
  • Selection of option to allow subleasing in article XVI
  • Selection of choices for approval contingency in article XX
  • Selection and acknowledgements pertaining to lead warning statement in article XXII along with date and signatures on certificate of accuracy
  • Selection of option about tenant’s personal property in article XXV in compliance with Florida Statutes Chapter 83
  • Date and signatures by the landlord, landlord’s agent, and the tenant
  • Information about the Preparer if any
  • Enclose a copy of Florida Statutes Chapter 83 Part II
  • Selection of choices, date, and signatures by the landlord and the tenant to complete addendum for early termination or liquidated damages
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