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California Room Rental Agreement

California Civil Code permits a landlord to lease a part of a residential property to individuals under shared housing using a California Room Rental Agreement. This contract typically has a term of one month and renews automatically every month unless any of the parties wants to terminate it. This legal contract is revocable upon service of thirty-day notice. Please remember that the lease is binding on all signing parties, although, notary attestation of signatures on the form is not necessary. 

Checklist – Before You Proceed

  1. The landlord must hand over the Lead Based Paint Disclosure and Protect Your Family from Lead in your Home pamphlet for a property constructed on or before the year 1978.
  2. Landlord cannot serve less than seven-day termination notice to the tenant.
  3. Please review the clause pertaining to the Megan’s Law in the contract form.
  4. Please prepare Condition of Rental Property checklist. The landlord must hand over a copy of the same to the new tenant.
  5. Please review this three-page document carefully to understand the responsibilities and expectations from a landlord and a tenant.

Steps To Prepare California Room Rental Agreement For Shared Housing

The contract form is suitable for renting a room to an individual for shared housing. The landlord and the tenant must provide following information to enter into a legally binding agreement.

  • Address of the premises
  • Name of the landlord or the primary tenant
  • Name of the subtenant
  • Rent amount, due date for the payment, and name of the person accepting the rent
  • Distribution of utility payments in terms of tenant’s share and amount payable
  • Information and responsibility of household errands and rules
  • Selection of the correct option among five for conflict resolution
  • Particulars of payment of last month’s rent as well as security deposit
  • Date and amount of any other refundable security deposit payment
  • Duration of returning refundable deposit
  • Other agreements and arrangements, if any
  • Selection of option A or B to confirm the status of preparation of rental property checklist
  • Tenant’s signatures in acknowledgement of receiving Lead Based Paint Disclosure and Protect Your Family from Lead in your Home pamphlet
  • Date of execution of lease contract
  • Print name and signature by the landlord
  • Print name and signature by the tenant
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