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California Residential Rental Agreement

A landlord in California can download and use California Residential Rental Agreement to lease a residential property to a tenant. This contract is legally binding on both parties, although, notarization of the signatures is not necessary. This lease contract also has disclosure about lead based paint hazards, addendum for mold notification, and Proposition 65. Completing all these pages is mandatory by the California Civil Code. Please review all pages of the contract form carefully prior to signing and entering into a binding agreement. The lease agreement has 31 sections comprising the terms and conditions of tenancy.

Before Proceeding

  1. The landlord has right to acquire dully filled rental application form from the proposed tenant.
  2. The landlord has right to serve seven-day “PAY RENT OR QUIT notice upon the tenant’s failure to remit the rent.
  3. Please refer to California Civil Code § 1950.5 pertaining to the refund of the security deposit on termination of the lease.
  4. Please review section 23 for Megan’s Law Disclosure
  5. California State Law governs this leasing transaction.

Directions To Prepare California Residential Rental Agreement

This rental agreement form has 14 pages comprising of the rental agreement, Lead Based Paint Disclosure, Mold Notification Addendum, and Proposition 65 Addendum. Please refer to these forms carefully. The landlord and the tenant must download the form and fill in the requested information together. Inputs requested in the contract form are

  • Date of execution of the lease
  • Name and address of the landlord
  • Name of the tenant
  • Property address and description
  • Dates of lease commencement and termination
  • Security deposit amount in words and figure
  • Rent amount and due date for remitting the rent
  • Amount of late fee
  • Amount of check return fees
  • Names of proposed residents on the premises
  • Information about permitted pets
  • Selection of choice for allotment of parking space
  • Names of utilities with landlord’s payment responsibility
  • Names and addresses of landlord and tenant for sending notices
  • Additional provisions in any
  • Date, print name, and signature of the landlord
  • Date, print name, and signature of the tenant
  • Lead Based Paint Disclosure – Complete landlord’s disclosure along with the tenant, agent’s acknowledgement, and signatures of all parties
  • Proposition 65 – Tenant’s acknowledgement, date, and signature
  • Mold Notification Addendum – Tenant’s acknowledgement, date, and signature
Download PDF (211.07 Kb)