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California Rental Lease Agreement

California Rental Lease Agreement is suitable for leasing a residential property to a tenant under the directives specified in the California Civil Code. This two-page contract form comprises of the terms and conditions of the tenancy along with the monetary understanding and it is legally binding on all signing parties. The owner may procure rental application from the tenant prior to engaging in a lease agreement. Notarization of signatures is not necessary for the legal standing of the lease agreement.

Steps to Prepare California Rental Lease Agreement

This lease contract form needs various inputs from the owner as well as the tenant. Therefore, both parties must prepare it together. Please provide the following information in the requested fields after downloading the form.

  • Name of owner and apartment number
  • Name of the tenant and detailed address of the property including apartment number, name of city, state, and zip code
  • Amount of monthly rent
  • Due date for rent payment
  • Amount of security deposit
  • Amount of late payment charge
  • Information about allotted parking spaces and storage space
  • Date of commencement of the lease contract
  • Selection of appropriate option to specify lease termination and date of termination in case the second option is selected
  • Article 2 – Amounts of rent, security deposit, total payable for the first month, name and address of the person to remit the payment, and availability of the person
  • Article 3 – Due date for remitting the rent and amounts of late charge and return check fees
  • Article 5 – Name of utilities for which the owner accepts payment responsibility
  • Article 6 – Names of proposed occupants on the premises
  • Article 7 – Amount of additional pet deposit
  • Article 28 – Signatures of owner and tenant about lead based paint disclosure as applicable
  • Article 30 – Space for additional terms, conditions, and exceptions
  • Article 31 – Names and addresses of property manager, owner, and person authorized to accept payment
  • Article 32 – Inventory check list
  • Article 33 – Selection of choices by tenant upon receipt of rules, keys, door opener, and other items
  • Article 36 – Signature of resident / tenant along with date, name, and signature of translator if any
  • Date and signatures of owner, agent, and tenant
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