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California Month to Month Rental Agreement

California Civil Code permits a landlord to lease a residential property to a tenant using California Month to Month Rental Agreement. This type of month to month tenancy or tenancy at will is suitable for renters without a fixed requirement of rented accommodation. However, please ensure that a lead based paint disclosure and Megan’s Law Disclosure is attached to the original contract form. In addition, here are some important considerations

  • The landlord enters into individual rental agreement with each tenant.
  • Thirty-day notice is necessary for termination of the lease contract. Section 1946 of California Civil Code prohibits less than seven-day notice for termination of the contract.
  • It is necessary to prepare a move in checklist to evaluate the property condition and avoid misunderstandings during move out.
  • Landlord has the right to seek a rental application from the proposed tenant for evaluation of the credentials.
  • This month to month rent agreement renews on the first day of each month and terminates on the last day of the month. However, a landlord must serve a sixty-day termination notice to a tenant that stays in the property for over one year to comply with California Civil Code.

How To Prepare California Month to Month Rental Agreement

This four-page document seeks information from the landlord and the tenant. Therefore, please download and prepare the instrument together. Notary acknowledgement for signatures is not necessary. Provide following information.

  1. Execution / commencement date
  2. Name of the landlord
  3. Name of the tenant
  4. Address of the property
  5. Rent amount, due date, selection of supplied utilities and address for paying rent in section 1
  6. Amount of late payment and check dishonored charges in section 2
  7. Number of occupants and permissible days for guest accommodation in section 3
  8. Pets, vehicles, and other permitted items along with a description of the parking space in section 4
  9. Security deposit amount in section 5
  10. Amount of additional pet deposit
  11. List of additional responsibilities of the tenant
  12. List of repairs and proposed date of completion in section 9
  13. Additional agreements if any
  14. Tenant’s signature in accordance to lead based paint disclosure if applicable
  15. Particulars of initial payment to the landlord
  16. Date of execution of the lease contract
  17. Print name and signature/s of landlord or authorized agent
  18. Print name and signature/s of tenant/s
Download PDF (283.75 Kb)