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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a landlord enter without permission in Arkansas?

The Arkansas law does not give a specific duration when the landlord can enter a tenant’s house. However, the landlord is not allowed to enter the premises as they please. Prior discussion of this is recommended before completing the lease agreement.

Can a tenant sublease a unit in Arkansas?

According to federal law, a tenant cannot sub-lease a unit without consent from the landlord. The landlord needs to be duly informed and an agreement on subletting be there between the landlord and the tenant.

Can rental lease agreement automatically renew in Arkansas?

Yes. A rental lease can automatically renew if the tenant wants to continue to live in the rented property. The landlord is however expected to consent to the occupancy.

Is there a grace period in Arkansas?

Yes. The tenants are obligated to pay the rent on time. However, the Arkansas law gives a 5-day grace period if needed.

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